Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Tooth Ninja: A New Hero for Your Child

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My house is full of boys.  Energetic, ninja-loving boys.  We just found out a neighbor down the street is a professional parkour stuntman and after watching his Youtube videos, my boys have been outside constantly jumping over things, trying to do flips, and attempting to be just like him.  They think he's a real-life ninja.

You can imagine, then, how a book about ninjas would go over really, really well.  The Legend of The Tooth Ninja is a sweet tale about a village captured by a dragon.  Only one little ninja boy escapes the dragon and then feels responsible for setting the rest of the village free.

On his quest to help he meets a fairy who has also been captured.  After setting her free, she gives him an important gift of a tooth which he carves into a sword to frighten the dragon and free the villagers.  From that time onward he is instructed to always have the villagers leave their lost teeth under their pillows for him to collect and use to protect them if he ever needs to fight again.

This story is creative and poetically written.  It's enjoyable to read (be honest, as parents, there are a lot of books we read once and hide away forever-this will not be one of them).  And as my boys are in tooth-losing age, I've been listening to them scheme all afternoon how they can speed along the process and have something to leave for their new nighttime hero.

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