Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Tooth Ninja: A New Hero for Your Child

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My house is full of boys.  Energetic, ninja-loving boys.  We just found out a neighbor down the street is a professional parkour stuntman and after watching his Youtube videos, my boys have been outside constantly jumping over things, trying to do flips, and attempting to be just like him.  They think he's a real-life ninja.

You can imagine, then, how a book about ninjas would go over really, really well.  The Legend of The Tooth Ninja is a sweet tale about a village captured by a dragon.  Only one little ninja boy escapes the dragon and then feels responsible for setting the rest of the village free.

On his quest to help he meets a fairy who has also been captured.  After setting her free, she gives him an important gift of a tooth which he carves into a sword to frighten the dragon and free the villagers.  From that time onward he is instructed to always have the villagers leave their lost teeth under their pillows for him to collect and use to protect them if he ever needs to fight again.

This story is creative and poetically written.  It's enjoyable to read (be honest, as parents, there are a lot of books we read once and hide away forever-this will not be one of them).  And as my boys are in tooth-losing age, I've been listening to them scheme all afternoon how they can speed along the process and have something to leave for their new nighttime hero.

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Bowling is Family Fun

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Our family recently had the chance to spend an afternoon bowling at Fat Cats in Provo.  Bowling is such a fun family activity and we went over lunch time, giving us the bowling alley almost entirely to ourselves.

It was hilarious to see this kid's bowling poses...

And sweet to watch the babies line the balls up every time they rolled out the hole...

Almost as fun for the kids was watching Dad's ball go in the gutter time and time again...

Since it was lunch time, we ordered the Family Special which included a pizza, 2 pitchers of soda, and breadsticks.  Trust me, good stuff!

 Having the staff at Fat Cats make the food, and clean up after, would be such an easy way to celebrate a birthday!  Sign up for their Birthday Club and you can get free bowling on your birthday.

Something that Fat Cats does that I've not ever seen before at a bowling alley is to color code the balls by weight.  I hate how you usually have to walk up and down the alley trying to find a ball that will work for you and then just settling when you get frustrated. This makes it so easy, and easy to put them away at the end as well.  A head's up that the lightweight balls for kids are back behind the counter.

 We had a great day at Fat Cats!  You should try it out for yourselves...

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Saturday, May 9, 2015

They'll Never Know They're Learning

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Children's museums are the greatest places.  I'm pretty sure no such thing existed when I was a child, but I'm so glad they do now.  My kids can spend hours inside of one and not have a clue that they're actually doing science or math or learning about journalism or agriculture.  In Salt Lake City, the children's museum is called Discovery Gateway...

We have visited Discovery Gateway several times as a family and every time the kids love it.  Honestly, they spend so much time concentrating on activities as soon as we're inside that we've never even made it out to see the news helicopter...I don't think they even know it's there.  

We'll go back again soon, I'm sure.  Maybe this time we'll start from the top.

There is something new to learn and do everyday at Discovery Gateway and the education workshops and classes are free with admission or membership. You can find out more about inspiring programs for young children by visiting

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Friday, May 8, 2015

It's Time for Bowling!

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I have vivid memories of bowling with my youth groups as a young kid.  Sadly, my own kids have only been once or twice.  With my oldest celebrating a birthday soon, I have the perfect reason to take them out for night at the lanes.  Here is where we are going to go...

Fat Cats, bowling

With several locations on the Wasatch front, FatCats has created an unique experience. You can bowl, play mini golf and have a giant slice of Pepperoni pizza. Each center also has a full service arcade, with some of the latest and greatest games. 

I have heard they offer the ultimate birthday party experience.  They have party specialists to take care of everything for you. Plus, if you sign up at for your next Children's Birthday party they will send you a free Birthday gift!

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Watch for a post about the great time we have

This Is The Place Heritage Park (Discount Code)

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Looking for something fun to do with the family before the summer heat hits?  I have an idea and a great deal for you!

Spring means baby animal season.  Kids can pet and cuddle with the baby chicks, goats, and more.

There are also ponies to ride, take home crafts, games to play, and an super-cute gift shop.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

#Kids Buckle Up Giveaway

Somehow my husband and I did it right when our oldest was very young, to convince him his seatbelt was of the utmost importance.  We never leave the driveway before he's buckled, or he lets us know!  Today I'm teaming up to share an important message about buckling up,..

We have a yonger song that gets distracted very quickly and could probably sit with us all waiting on him in the driveway for half an hour before he remembers, "Oh, we're going somewhere.  I need my seatbelt."  

In the state of Utah, children are required to be in a booster seat until they are 8.  My oldest informed me the other day that even though he's turning 8 he wants to stay in his booster because he can see out the window better, and that is perfectly okay with me!  

While this infographic does not yet apply to me, I know it will apply to many of you and is important to share...we as parents can sometimes put our foot down on some really simple issues.  We need to make sure we're not letting it come back on the really important ones...

As an encouragement for parents, and in attempt to raise awareness for the #KidsBuckleUp campaign, I invite you to enter the giveaway below and share the message in any way you can!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Ultimate Baby Shower Giveaway (12 Prizes)

Even though babies are born year-round (obviously), something about a baby shower always makes me think of spring.  Because of that, I am over-the-top excited to be participating in this great giveaway.  Best of luck!


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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A New Take on the Prodigal Son

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I am not much of a movie watcher.  I just don't find myself having a lot of time to sit down for 90 minutes with nothing else to do.  But I was recently asked to take part in a preview of  the new movie, Confessions of a Prodigal Son, and found myself grateful for the time I spent watching it and reflecting.  

Touted as a "modern twist" on the classic Bible story about the prodigal son, who leaves home with all his inherited riches and then returns having lost it all, you can assume that it's going to be a religious movie and probably the caliber of most religious movies.  There is no denying it, a religious string runs throughout the entire movie.  But, the story the movie tells is so much more than just a sermon in movie form.  The trailer will give you a great idea of what I'm trying to explain...

If you're my age or younger, you'll understand this reference-the story is relevant to the social pressures and choices college kids are making in 2015 and reminded me a lot of the writing style from Degrassi Jr. High.  

However, please don't write off watching the movie just because the characters are in college.  The story of the prodigal son is about making choices and living with those choices, and learning to work with other people's choices.  The theme affects every single one of us and the message in "Confessions of a Prodigal Son" will strike a chord in any person who has ever had to make and live with tough decisions.  

"Confessions of a Prodigal Son" is in select theatres starting today, March 24.  Find out where you can see it near you.  Or buy a copy of the DVD to watch at home with your family.  

For more information, visit