Friday, November 13, 2015

Popcorn Popping Under My Tree

It has become a tradition for my boys and I to pop a bowl of popcorn, curl up in Mom's bed, and chill out with a great Netflix pic on Friday nights.  Unfortunately for all of us, the popcorn popper has been dropped upside down one too many times and has been limping along for quite awhile.  It's time to buy a new one and since popcorn and a movie always make great gifts, I thought I'd share some of our favorites and invite you to join us with your own kernel traditions!

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First, a look at the popper that has served us so well...
Such a workhorse, but it is a little awkward and hot to tip upside down into the bowl.
Under $30
Practicality has me leaning towards buying an air popper like the one I remember having as a kid...

Makes healthy popcorn with no oil.
4.5 star rating for less than $20
 But I would love the flash of color from one of these up on top of my cupboard...
Also healthy with no oil.  Has an ON/OFF switch
Under $20
4.5 Star Rating with ON/OFF switch
It will be no surprise that my boys want this popcorn popper...
Under $30
Since our movie night has become such a fun weekly tradition, it might be really cool to have one of these...
Popcorn pops right into that cute cup!
Reviews suggest this would be good for a group of 2-4.
Under $20
Under $25
It won't work in our kitchen set-up, but an old-school soul might love popping their corn the traditional way...
Stainless steel and wipes clean.
Under $30
Believe it or not, we have no microwave, but if we did, I would definitely need one of these... 

So much healthier than regular microwave popcorn!
Durable glass container with silicone lid
Under $25.00
And, finally, the popcorn popper we all need to have ready to pull out for a party...

Portable with underneath storage space for all your bowls and seasonings.
Makes 16 cups/batch
I'll let you know which popper we end up buying.  You can click any image to get more information and start putting together your movie night and/or gift traditions. Pin this post to inspire your friends! 

Which Popcorn Popper would be the most fun in your kitchen?

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Wink, Wink, Nudge, Nudge

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This is about the cheesiest thing I've seen in awhile, but I would laugh out loud if I saw it winking at me while I dragged my kids and pushed groceries through a parking lot...wouldn't you?

$1.40 + FREE shipping on Amazon
You know you want to be the one who makes the parking lot a happier place!

Monday, November 9, 2015

It's A Monday Morning

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Anyone else feeling like Monday morning came to quick this week?  I could use a mug that would magically turn my frown upside down...
$5.80 on w/ free Prime shipping
It's almost cheaper than the drink you'll put in it!  

Well wishes for the beginning of your week, friends!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

16 Gifts For Your Star Wars Lover

Will the stars fall out of the sky if I admit to you that I have never watched a Star Wars movie?  *Gulp* I know.  What can be wrong with me?  No, no, I am not living in an underground hole isolated from pop culture.  I am well aware the Star Wars franchise is very well and growing.

With the release of the latest movie installment coming right before Christmas this year, Star Wars gifts are going to be hiding under decorated trees worldwide (every tree except mine, I'm sure).  So, I've pulled together a gift guide to help you find a fun gift perfect for the Star Wars lover in your life...

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Something to Eat
Star Wars Silicone Ice Trays
Licensed R2-D2 Measuring Cup Set
Wilton Star Wars Baking cups
Star Wars Gingerbread Cookie Cutters
Death Star Waffle Maker
Something to Wear

Vader Claus Ugly Christmas Sweater

Star Wars Holiday Knit Beanie
Star Wars 4-pieceToddler Pajamas
  Something to Play
#1 Favorite: Lego Star Wars Sets
Click image to see them all.
16 Piece Minifigure Set
Risk: Star Wars Edition
Stars Wars Battle Ship
Star Wars Folded Flyers
Star Wars Jumbo Coloring Set
Something To See
Wall Decal-Multiple Sizes
Family Car Decals

Which one of these is your Star Wars lover going to love?