Friday, June 24, 2016

How Did We Survive Before Free 2-day Shipping?

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About once a week, I spend a few hours scanning through Amazon looking for products that intrigue me and I think might intrigue you as well. Today, I'm fixated on how we really kind find ANYTHING we need and have it shipped to us in just two days with Amazon Prime Free Shipping.

What in particular has caught my attention today? This Kidcraft Backyard Sandbox...

We have an in-ground sandbox at our house and my boys spend hours there contentedly playing together. What I love about this particular version is
  1. It would conveniently fit in a smaller backyard, yet be big enough for more than one kid to play
  2. It comes with a mesh cover to protect the sand from critters while the kids aren't playing
Click the image for more information.
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Don't forget the sand here.

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