Thursday, November 5, 2015

16 Gifts For Your Star Wars Lover

Will the stars fall out of the sky if I admit to you that I have never watched a Star Wars movie?  *Gulp* I know.  What can be wrong with me?  No, no, I am not living in an underground hole isolated from pop culture.  I am well aware the Star Wars franchise is very well and growing.

With the release of the latest movie installment coming right before Christmas this year, Star Wars gifts are going to be hiding under decorated trees worldwide (every tree except mine, I'm sure).  So, I've pulled together a gift guide to help you find a fun gift perfect for the Star Wars lover in your life...

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Something to Eat
#1 Favorite: Lego Star Wars Sets
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16 Piece Minifigure Set
Risk: Star Wars Edition
Stars Wars Battle Ship
Star Wars Folded Flyers
Star Wars Jumbo Coloring Set
Something To See
Wall Decal-Multiple Sizes
Family Car Decals

Which one of these is your Star Wars lover going to love?