Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Bowling is Family Fun

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Our family recently had the chance to spend an afternoon bowling at Fat Cats in Provo.  Bowling is such a fun family activity and we went over lunch time, giving us the bowling alley almost entirely to ourselves.

It was hilarious to see this kid's bowling poses...

And sweet to watch the babies line the balls up every time they rolled out the hole...

Almost as fun for the kids was watching Dad's ball go in the gutter time and time again...

Since it was lunch time, we ordered the Family Special which included a pizza, 2 pitchers of soda, and breadsticks.  Trust me, good stuff!

 Having the staff at Fat Cats make the food, and clean up after, would be such an easy way to celebrate a birthday!  Sign up for their Birthday Club and you can get free bowling on your birthday.

Something that Fat Cats does that I've not ever seen before at a bowling alley is to color code the balls by weight.  I hate how you usually have to walk up and down the alley trying to find a ball that will work for you and then just settling when you get frustrated. This makes it so easy, and easy to put them away at the end as well.  A head's up that the lightweight balls for kids are back behind the counter.

 We had a great day at Fat Cats!  You should try it out for yourselves...

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