Thursday, December 13, 2012

Holiday Giving Giveaway #1

I started December with good intentions of helping my family give service this month and focus on other people instead of ourselves and I think we've been doing okay.  After delivering mailbox treats we've brought our neighbor's trash bins back up to the house on trash day, chose chores to help each other out with in our own house, and helped all the "big guys" put away chairs after church on Sunday.  Today, we want to offer two-fold service by supporting two of my sisters and their businesses and giving you the chance to win something fun and beautiful for the holidays!

Holiday Giving Giveaway #1
(okay, I tried to find a picture of my sister Brooke to post,
 but 1) I couldn't and 2) she would have killed me! :)

One item of your choice at
(up to $50 value, or $50 credit can be used 
towards 1 item of higher value)

Forking Queen is the business my sister Brooke started doing about 7 years ago.  She started out creating unique silverware jewelry pieces like these:

Bent Fork BraceletFork RingClassic Silverware Watch

Now she's expanded with a "Leather and Lead" brand:

Bullet Boot Bracelet BeadedLeather Western WatchLeather Boot Jewelry

and some other really beautiful things! 

 Take a look around her Etsy shop and then get your entries for an item (up to $50 value) in below!

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Ready to win a second prize?  
Be sure to enter our Holiday Giving (A Giveaway) #2!

Giveaway being sponsored across my blogging gamut.  
All entry forms will be combined to choose one winner for each giveaway.

Prizes are being offered at no cost or benefit to me.  Just a good sisterly deed. 


Juanita Lanaux said...

The entry form above is not working. The bent fork watch is absolutely beautiful and I would love to win it.

Gale said...

The good news: Your giveaways have over 100 entries!
The bad new: That means they no longer qualify for my low entry linky at
But there's still good news: Since this one has "Texas Flair" I'm promoting it at my other blog, (I assume it's still ok to remote link pictures).


Mamma Cass said...

:D awesome giveaway. Love the fork rings!! So pretty. Like tentacles.

susan quackenbush at said...

The fork rings for my daughter in law

Rachel Elizabeth said...

I would love to own a bend fork ring!! :)
littodinozombeh @ gmail . com