Thursday, December 13, 2012

Potty-Training with Charmin #FreshmatesClean

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Everybody on the planet has advice for a mom when she embarks down the path of potty training.  Most of them say the same thing, only half of it will help you be successful, and most of them are remembering a glorified experience that happened years ago.  I'm here to tell you, being in the middle of it with my 3-yr-old twins, potty training is absolutely no fun!

Charmin Wipes
When I trained my first son we did okay, until it was time to get him clean.  NO ONE gives you any warning on how to teach a child about end-of-potty cleaning!  That's why I'm so grateful for Charmin Freshmates flushable wipes.  They're a great size, even for little hands, and have the perfect amount of moisture without making my little ones' behinds feel wet and uncomfortable.  They are extremely helpful if Mom is the one trying to do the cleaning because they glide smoothly over sensitive skin and are thick enough to guarantee no unpleasant mess gets on the hands.

Before trying Charmin Freshmates flushable wipes, I only used toilet paper for potty-training.  I was always nervous putting regular baby wipes down the drain and then having to clean up a flooded bathroom.  With the reassurance I get from Charmin that their flushable wipes are safe for drains and septic systems, I know I won't have to worry about the extra cleaning headache.

To any parent about to start potty-training, I want to make you this promise:  Using Charmin Freshmates flushable wipes will make the next 3 months of your life (and the rest of your toddler years, too) so much less messy.  If you have the wipes in the bathroom to help your little one transition from baby wipes to toilet paper, I'm guessing you'll find that you love them for you, too!  And then you'll find yourself wondering how you ever lived without them.  At, least that's the path my family has found ourselves on!

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