Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Love our #Disneyside

I was selected to participate in the #Disneyside blog campaign
and received promotional items to use for free. 
 No additional compensation was received..

I count myself extremely privileged to have been able to participate in the recent "Show Your Disneyside" blog campaign.  One look around the blogosphere, Pinterest, or social media and it would seem it wasn't a small group of people participating, but it was exciting to be chosen to be involved, nonetheless.

There was a huge build-up around the shipping of the party packages, and while there were no dream tickets to Disney World stuck in side, I was ecstatic when it all arrived in a brand new American Tourister carry-on roller bag!  Without evening opening it up, I would have been happy.  Mine is black with red interior, but they have so many fun colors designed with your favorite Disney characters in mind.

Inside the suitcase was EVERYTHING a person could imagine needing to throw a great Disney-theme party.  If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you might remember me mentioning that we'd already scheduled a cousin's Valentine's day party for the week that my Grandmother died.  What a blessing to have a cheerful reason to be together after many days of solemnity.

Here is a glimpse at how we celebrated our Disneyside:

Yummy Treats


These are super cute printable party favor boxes.
Minnie Mouse
Mickey Mouse
We played a bunch of party games and had some dinner, but my favorite part were the Valentine's boxes!  I was so disappointed to find out my son's school doesn't allow decorated boxes so each cousin was asked to bring their own Disney-themed box and Valentine's to hand out for everyone.  

Looking for ways to celebrate your #Disney side?