Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My (P)interesting Family #2: Magnets

Christmas time brought a second attempt at my family Pinterest crafting together.  If you'll remember from our scarf project, we are 100% real, 80% crafty, and only about 50% successful.  The same rang true this time around.  Having admitted that, I have no shame in showing you what we deemed to be essential supplies for our night of crafting...
Not pictured:
1 husband & 1 brother-in-law willing to make a McDonald's
when it's freezing cold & late at night.
This particular night of craziness started as a little bit of an afterthought.  We knew we wanted to do something while all 6 of my sisters were home for the holidays, but tired sick kids and the hustle bustle of other activities appropriately took higher priorities.  It wasn't until our 3rd day together when half the group had gone home that we finally decided to pull everything out.  The next day when the others found out they'd missed it we realized we've actually hit onto something we all want to be a part of.  Trust me that that rarely ever happens!

What did my (P)interesting family make for their second project?
  Glass refrigerator magnets

The supplies you'll need:
  • A variety of decorative glass pieces (both kinds we used came from a dollar store)
  • Scrapbooking paper
  • Adhesive 
  • Scissors & Paintbrush
  • Heavy magnets
The directions seem like they would be pretty self-explanatory:

 Find a design you like, cut it out in the size/shape of your glass, glue it on the glass, and glue the magnet onto the back of that.  For me, however, it went more like this...watch your sisters quickly and efficiently find adorable designs, cut them, glue them, and ooh/ahh while I move my odd-shaped foggy glass over paper after paper, get frustrated and just start cutting, realize that was dumb because now your magnets look really dumb, and have to start over again.  All while everyone is laughing because you really are struggling with a project that your kindergartner could do. (Honestly, after two projects I think my super-talented and uber-crafty sisters are beginning to wonder how I can possible be related.)

My sisters' magnets turned out very cute.  Kimberly, who you all know from past giveaways with the Masked Fairy, is going to sell her pirate themed ones next summer at Renaissance faires.  One sister is using hers in her office and loving them.  Those of us with kids will probably not make the large glass ones again simply because they're not holding up as well when they're being played with and fall on the floor, but the marble ones make me smile as I glimpse them throughout the day and remember that ridiculous night I binged on shakes and fries with My (P)interesting Family.

Kimberly showing off her great idea and perfectly crafted magnet...Grrr :)
Want to feel like you were a part of our night of crafting?