Friday, November 9, 2012

Craving a Product Discovery Opportunity?

Isn't this box pretty?

Cravebox is a product discovery company and I received my first one this week!  What is a product discovery company?  One that gathers together the cream of the crop in products on the market and introduces them to consumers in a creative and exciting way.  Cravebox does a fabulous job of this and prides themselves on their presentation in a beautiful box!

My next post will reveal the amazing products waiting inside my first Cravebox, but today let me share why I think you'd love to get one of your own:
  • Very low-to-no pressure.  There's no requirement to share with 50 of your closest friends or get 100 comments on an item 100 other bloggers are reviewing.  The products are yours to try and if you want to share with people you know, they don't mind.
  • Full-size products, and a lot of them.  No sample-sizes here (at least not in my first box).  What you get is definitely worth your time and money.
  • Variety.  Since I was approved and received my Cravebox a week ago, I've seen opportunities for 3 more completely different boxes being mailed out soon.  
My first Cravebox was full of food products!
What I want you to know up-front:
  • There IS a cost to receive your Cravebox.  When you sign up you are asked to provide a form of payment that will cover the cost of shipping when you are chosen to receive a package.  I decided not to sign up the first time I heard about Cravebox because of that.  Now, though, I'll tell you I'm kicking myself for all the amazing stuff, I'm sure I've missed out on.  The box I received was hefty and the products inside were well worth the $13 I had to pay.  
  • Cravebox recipients are chosen by random drawing.  They send out information each time a new box is ready and draw from the people who sign up.  There is a formula for better chances if you've shared about their company or your products in the past, but it is not a requirement!  Any person can sign up and have a chance at winning.
Cravebox Home

I'll reveal my Cooking Lights Cravebox products very soon.  I hope you'll come back to see. 
 And if you want your own, you can sign up on the Cravebox website.

(To whet your appetite...)
Retail $ of box items: $33.89 
-$13.00 shipping=


Julianna said...

This sounds awesome! Great Christmas present!

Debbi said...

I have never heard of this before, and I'm intrigued. Thanks for a great post!