Friday, December 11, 2015

Gymboree Has The Best Sales

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Gymboree: What's Your One Big Happy?

I am in love with Gymboree!  If you've been reading with me for awhile, you know that I love clearance shopping and one of my best shopping trips ever was my marathon DI shopping trip.  I very rarely shop at any of the stores at the mall, and especially not for kid clothes.  But a while back I found myself there with no tiny hands tugging on my arms and ventured into shopping heaven!  It couldn't have been better timing.

I was shopping at closing time when I wandered into Gymboree and found one pair of pants my small budget could afford.  Then I found out there was a "Circle of Friends" customer appreciation sale going on that included giving 30% off of every purchase.  I really mean EVERY purchase.  There were no buying limits or "with our store credit card."  Every single person shopping received the friends and family discount.  What store have you been in recently doing that?  In addition, anyone with a rewards card (which was free) was getting an additional 5% off. My one pair of pants ended up costing under $5.00.

Gymboree Kids Clothing Newborn to Size 12

I could not stop thinking about either the store or that incredible sale!  I had to go back. Knowing that I only shop the clearance racks when I do go to the mall, I was positive I would walk out with an incredible deal.  And knowing that I now have four boys to clothe, I definitely justified spending the money.  My sweet husband let me take an hour out of his Saturday to go and see what I could find.

It was absolutely the best shopping day! My arms were piled neck high-that never happens to me!  I watched the discounts falling off and couldn't contain the grin spreading across my face.  My husband and I took bets to see how much we would save and I'm happy to say I was closer, but still came nowhere close to the total savings printed on the bottom of my receipt.

Now remember, I only shopped the clearance racks and I did save a good amount of money off of the clearance prices.  But this time it seems entirely appropriate to consider the savings I made off of the original pricing.  When all was said and done, shopping at Gymboree on their 30% off purchase sale, I saved $439.55!!!!!!!  It's not used clothing, it's not cheap quality threadbare clothing.  It is adorable outfits that last long enough for kids to grow out of them.

I still haven't stopped talking about it!  The thrill of finding such an incredible deal unexpectedly has my adrenaline pumping.  Gymboree will never know it, but this one sale made me their newest loyal customer.

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