Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Tour a Real Life Ice Castle!!!

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A friend recently asked me how I always know about the super cool things happening in our neighborhood.  The first thought that came to my mind was our different amounts of community interest and involvement.  I take advantage of every service our city has to offer and many many times they are not only amazing, but also free.  

The second thought that came to mind was this blog.  Freemples is all about finding things that are cheap or free and bringing them to every one's attention.  It's how I provide great opportunities for my family and how I can share them with all of you.  

Every once in awhile an opportunity comes along that boils over even my cool-ness scale.  That's what I'm sharing with you today!

If you live in Vermont, New Hampshire, Minnesota, or Utah, you have got to go explore in one of these larger-than-life frozen architectural wonders!  Because I want you to be as excited as me, let me share the exact description from the Ice Castle website...

 Amazing ice features including archways, tunnels, slot canyons, ice slide, caverns, glacial waterfalls and a frozen throne. 
Families squeezing, squishing, sliding, stomping and crawling through parts of the stunning, Narnia-like display. 
Natural frozen ice tones during the day; colorful LED-lit ice set to music at night.

Doesn't it sound amazing?!? Each castle is an acre in size and will only last as long as the weather stays cold.  If you're having a warm winter like we are here in Utah, you'll want to go as soon as possible to make sure you don't miss out!

I'm taking my family next weekend and will definitely share pictures of our adventure.  If you live in driving distance of one of these 4 castles, will you come back and share your pictures with me?

For information on locations, open dates, and times visit  

This is a sponsored post via USFamilyGuide.