Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Anna Todd and the #AfterSaga

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You have a story to tell.  I know you do.  And in this ever-changing world with social media continually at your fingertips, that story is only a type and a "post" away from anybody in the world who wants to hear in it.  That's exactly how 25-yr-old military wife, Anna Todd, came to share her first story with over 1 billion readers, and it's how you can share your story, too!

The swift success of Anna's first book, After, came as a complete surprise.  Looking for a way to occupy herself while waiting at appointments or out running errands, she started writing snippets of a story on her phone.  Snippets turned in to chapters, chapters turned into a world-wide following as readers had immediate access to her words, and an assuming past-time has turned into a 4-book series with publishing house Simon & Schuster and movie rights with Paramount Pictures.  

Want to know how she did it and you can share your story, too?

Story-telling app, Wattpad, is a worldwide community of stories being shared between writers and readers.  Using your phone, tablet, or computer you can share and access stories with any of it's 40 million users.  How does Wattpad make it possible to find the rapid success and notoriety that Anna Todd received?  It comes in the form of instant dialogue and feedback between author and reader.  You post your daily thought or weekly chapter or monthly novelette and anybody following can respond back immediately with their thoughts, their ideas, their adaptations.  From an idealogue's point of view, it's a unique opportunity to receive inspiration from other people's creativity.  And as with so many things we share here, it's absolutely free.

I believe you have a story.  And I believe people want to read it.  Anna Todd has shown the world that anyone can do it and that it's very, very easy.  Why not try your hand at sharing the story someone out there is waiting to read?  

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