Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Subscription Box For Your Little Space Explorer

Freemples received a 2-month subscription
 in order to faciliate this review with USFamilyGuide

A few weeks ago, I introduced you to new subscription box service geared towards the space enthusiasts in your life.  

Space Scouts
After receiving and using the first two month's subscription boxes, I'm prepared to tell you we LOVE Space Scouts and can wholeheartedly recommend them!

Space Scouts
Here is a look at what is provided in the 1st and 2nd Space Scouts shipments...

1st Month: Lunch Box, Poster, Sticker Puzzle, Wiki Stix, Worksheets, Constellation Ring
2nd Month: Magnet, Astronaut Figurines, Stickers & Sticker Puzzle, Worksheets,
 Constellation Cards, Robotic Space Arm

Here are my boys completely engaged with their Space Scout activities...

And here are the reasons I think Space Scouts is a great investment...

Reason #1
 Educational-As a homeschooling parent, I could easily incorporate these boxes into a unit study each month.  They are in-depth with information pages and interactive with worksheets.  The recommended age for is 6+, but I found the worksheets to be a good mix of challenging for my 7-yr-old and also entertaining for my 4-yr-old.  Each month's box also contains a new "Space Plan" to study and a new constellation to learn about.
Reason # 2
     Quality Products-The toys are not cheap plastic that will break the first time they are used.  The poster, stickers, and magnets are durable and meant to be long lasting.  And the metal lunchbox is a fun but sturdy way to contain all the components for a long long time. 

Reason #3
     It's Fun-Being young boys, my kids don't always sit in one place for very long.  The afternoon we opened up the Space Scouts packages, they sat at the table learning and playing for nearly 3 hours.  They loved the bright colored worksheets and activities.  They got along deciding how to apply the stickers and magnets, they used their imaginations with their new astronaut figurines, and calling a generic toy grabber a "robotic space arm" is absolutely genius!  They followed their challenges to accomplish different space arm missions to the letter...

We loved our Space Scout boxes.  I think you would, too.  At $11.95/month it is an extremely affordable way to both entertain and educate.  I thought I might want 2 boxes so my boys wouldn't fight over what was inside, but each month comes with enough items to divide that we didn't have any problems. At that cheap price, though, it wouldn't be exorbitant to order an additional subscription if we decided to in the future.  

One last thing, whether you decide the Space Scouts subscription box is the right fit for your space-loving loved one or not, I highly recommend joining the Space Scouts Facebook page.  They update frequently with current space related news events that are incredibly fascinating. 

Think the Space Scouts Subscription Box would be a great fit for your family?
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