Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Pizza Delivery-My New Weakness!

Several years ago I participated in a sponsored party for Dominos Pizza.  With $75 in free pizza on hand and a beautiful spring day, we went all out with a day of water wars and pigging out.  I had no expectations of good food.  Free food was as good as it needed to be.  The party looked something like this...


 The problem is that I got hooked on the new Dominos pizza Parmesan crust and the Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches!  I thought I had solved my eating dilemma a year ago by moving to the country, out of delivery range, but we moved back into the city 2 months ago and I just can't say no!  Combine delicious food with a tired lazy mom, and we've had Dominos delivery 4 times already.  This cannot be a good thing!  (can it?)

What's your favorite food weakness?