Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Pan That May Change My Life (sponsored)

Products in this post were provided free in exchange for review. 
 No other compensation was received.

I got married 10 years ago and have been cooking with the same cheap aluminum pots and pans I received back then.  Most of them are no longer circular, but vary in shape depending on how it was banged around in the cupboards or thrown haphazardly in to the sink.  Most of them also are showing varying amounts of remaining Teflon.  Yes, we've gotten rid of the peeling, dangerous ones, but the ones with scratches still grace my stovetop just waiting for food to immediately stick upon contact.

When I was asked to review a pan with new non-stick technology for Ozeri, I jumped on the opportunity and it has been nothing but love in my kitchen since then!

After cooking on this small skillet since Christmas time, these are the reasons I will gladly consider replacing all of my cookware with this new Green Earth cooking line:
  1. Solid Construction  No cheap aluminum-this pan feels substantial, but is not heavy.
  2. Ceramic Coating is thick and non-assuming.  The bottom of the pan is textured to aid your food in not sticking, and my food really hasn't been sticking!
  3. Silicon Handle I've always been afraid my cheap pan handles would melt if I put them in the oven.  With silicon handles, these pans are safe to go in the oven for warming or to finish cooking something you started on the stove.
There was one learning curve with this pan...The ceramic material conducts heat extremely well.  It took me a couple times to figure out, but I've discovered the need to use these pans with a much lower heat than I'm used to doing with my older pans.  This is definitely not a bad thing-it seems like it would save me money on my gas stove in the end-but it did take a few test runs with "blackened" grilled cheese sandwiches before I figured out the heat sweet spot.

It is definitely time to replace the decade-old pans I have jammed into my kitchen cupboards, and I would not think twice about buying the Ozeri Green Earth Pans when I finally get around to making the change.

How about you-is it time to replace the pans in your kitchen?