Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Double Creativity, No More Boredom...Sign Me Up! #sponsored

I received a complimentary subscription
 for this service via US Family Guide.
  You know the thoughts are mine, though, don't you?

A few weeks ago I shared an information post on the new toy rental company, Pleygo.  Now that I have had a chance to test out the service myself, I want to let you know that I LOVE it, and also share a fabulous deal Pleygo is offering right now.

The #1 reason I'm in love with Pleygo is that this little guy loves it.  His 6-year-old creative brain can be a lot of energy to deal with, but the minute the Pleygo box comes in the mail it's all focus and thinking.  I love the suggestion from Pleygo to contain the pieces of each set on a baking sheet.  It has done wonders to keep us from losing pieces...B can just pick it up and move it if the babies are coming near or if it's time to put it away for awhile.  

I've been really impressed that the instruction manuals we've received have all been pristine and looked brand new.  I know that we haven't always sent them back in such good condition and so I appreciate that Pleygo is appreciative of the wear and tear that comes with normal play and provides new manuals with their packages. Even better, most Lego sets can make 2-3 different objects, and the manuals for each set are always included.  I discovered this week that you can also go into your account online and bring up a file of the manuals if for some reason you don't have access to the ones they sent you.  

The #2 reason I think Pleygo is such a great company?  Their customer service is amazing! 
 Periodically they send out a short survey asking for input and both times I've responded, I've received an email back either answering my questions or addressing my concerns.  This picture is a product of one of those interactions...

The original advertising I had seen showed the toy packs showing up in  fabulously branded packaging, but our first several sets arrived only in a plain grey plastic envelope.  There was no way to know what it was without further investigating and nothing for the kids to get excited over.  Can you see the re-enacted look on his face when we finally got a set in the Pleygo packaging?  He could see the box waiting on the front porch before he'd even left the car that day and couldn't wait to get inside and open it.  And if you set up your account with your child's name, it will come addressed to them specifically.  Real mail for can that not be exciting?

In addition to the appearance, the box also offers improvement on the instruction sheet.  In the plastic envelope the instructions were on a separate sheet of paper and were ripped and wrinkled by the time they got to us.  With the box, the instructions are printed very professionally on the inside top flap.  

In 3 months we have received 5 or 6 sets of Legos.  It seems like we've kept each one about 2 weeks before returning it and waiting for the next set on our wishlist to appear.  Even in the past few weeks we've seen continued improvement from Pleygo as they've decreased the wait time by shipping your new set as soon as they've received confirmation from the post office that you've mailed your last one.  In some cases this can literally mean a 1-2 day turn around time.  That is definitely value for your money!

Pleygo is a new and developing company and I think they will have some hiccups along the way.  But they seem to have all the elements for success already and if they keep listening to what kids and their parents are saying, I'm confident they have big things ahead of them.

Be sure to check out my first post on how the Pleygo system works and then head to their website for your one-month free trial.

Ready for the great deal?  Right now Pleygo is offering a $20 account credit to customers who purchase a gift subscription for someone else.  That is even more free!

Who in your world would be excited to see their 1st Pleygo box waiting in the mail?