Thursday, March 21, 2013

Get Cash Back Using Ebates

Do you participate in cash back programs?

It seems like these days they can be found anywhere:  on our credit and debit cards, wholesale club memberships, portals for online shopping, the grocery store, and on, and on.  In some instances, the grocery store, for example, I wonder why they don't just lower their prices to begin with.  Some people are skeptical that you do actually save money with any of these programs.  Generally, after doing my research, I've found a number of them do actually offer value back to me.

Here is the first of several I'm going to share that I've come to love:

Ebates is a website that offers discounts to major online retailers if you begin your shopping with them.  The only way you can lose with Ebates is if you are not using them.  (If you're the lone hold-out on the planet who never shops online, go ahead and skip further down this page).

The way it works is easy...
  • Sign up.  At this point I recommend pinning the website to your bookmarks bar so you never forget to start there first!
  • Choose the store you want to shop or browse for a discount that catches your eye. Click on the deal you want and you'll automatically be directed to that store's website.  
  • Continue your shopping like you normally would.  Ebates will assign a tracking ticket to your purchase so they know how much you deserve to get back from them.
  • Receive your cash back.  Payments are automatically sent once every 3 months if your amount is over $5.01.  If you're not quite there, they'll roll it over until to the next payment cycle.
A few of the great cash back deals I see on Ebates as I'm writing right now include:

~Up to 4% back at Toms~

~Up to 7% back at Walgreens~

~Up to 9% back on Groupon~

~Up to 6% back at Kohls~

The deals do change pretty regularly, but they tend to only get better.  At Christmas time, especially, the cash back amounts are sometimes double or triple what they usually would be.  

Wondering what you've been missing out on?  
Click here to take a look, sign up, and start getting your cash back!

And let me know, 
what's the first cashback deal you're going to use while you're there?

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