Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Less Than Impressed with Saveology

Have you done any business with this company?


They are a daily deals sight similar to other sites that are so popular now.  Yesterday they were offering a $15 The Children's Place gift card for $7.50 and I decided I shop at the store often enough that it would be worth giving Saveology a try.  I'll never make a purchase with them again!

After completing my purchase I had to wait 24 hours to redeem my voucher.  No big deal.  I even got a text today reminding me to come back and get the item I had purchased.  To do that, you have to call their redemption center.  At this point, I was still not worried, although it probably should have been a red flag.  

The customer service person who took my call started off nice, took my information and told me how long it'd take for my gift card to arrive.  Then he launched into a sales pitch for $100 gift cards and magazine subscriptions.  When I told him I was not interested, I could see the dials in his brain working as he looked down his phone script for what he was supposed to say to me.  After telling him 3 times I was not interested and please just send my The Children's Place card, he got flustered and put me on hold.  He never came back on the call.  

Now I will have to vigilantly watch my credit card bill and give up all expectation of the gift card I did purchase ever showing up in the mail.  Never making another purchase with Saveology again!

Have you ever used Saveology?  
Is this a typical transacation with them?